Nigeria is 52 and we are celebrating our possibilities despite our seeming difficulties and perplexities. A nation so diverse with 36 states and over 250 ethnic groups. With a population of over 150 million people. Our diversity and size should be our strength not weakness. We must respect other’s individuality and embrace them. We must see beyond ethnic divides and see ourselves as Nigerians rather than Hausas or Igbos or Ijaws or Yorubas.

I believe in Nigeria. I believe so much in rebranding this great nation. I talk a lot about how much we can change this nation by our actions and someone asked me, ‘how can me alone change Nigeria?’.’This is how you can change Nigeria’ I replied. By your little acts of kindness and love to people irrespective of their ethnic origin. We are powerful beyond measure. An act of good from just one soul resonates through out the cosmos.

I have been volunteering and talking to young people and children of diverse ethnic origins for years now. The first thing I tell them is we are Nigerians no matter where we originate from. As little and insignificant as you may think it is. I know those kids can’t remain the same. We must always teach our kids the concept of ‘nationhood’ rather than ‘ethnichood’. If you would only find one child or youngster in your neighborhood you can take under your wings and mentor,you would have done Nigeria a lot of good. Make up your mind to draw at least one youngster to yourself and start mentoring that one. You would have done a noble thing.

Years a go a drew a young boy close to me. I was always talking to him, encouraging and helping him anyway I could. Finally we moved to some other place and I couldn’t see him often. Years later, I heard He got a lady pregnant and now had a daughter. Out of the blues he called me up one day and told me he had made a mistake and he wanted to chat a new course in his life. I went to see him and we talked. Presently, he is studying accountancy in the university and is committed to raising his young daughter. He told me that He would never have another child again until he was through with school and ready for marriage.

He said all the while he was having fun,my words kept resonating in his head. He had to see me. Don’t take that little chit chat you had with that kid for nothing. You are making a difference. let’s find time to mentor those we can. I had an uncle who was always on my case since I was 10 yrs old. He was always talking to me and giving me books to read. Today I am doing same. We can’t underestimate the power of mentorship. Mentors make our walk in life easy.

Someone affected the lives of Ghandi, Malcom, Mandela, JFK, MLK, churchill, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Dr Yongi cho, Abraham lincoln, Einstein, Franklin etc. They all had people who reached out to them and helped them fan their fires of greatness. We must also look out for people in our neighborhood we can reach out to and mentor. We must be concerned about our kids especially. They are the leaders of tomorrow; our future. We have become so selfish and careless without even knowing. We have worried so much about the seeming bad situation in our nation and have neglected the fact that we ourselves can make a huge difference.

If you can get one kid off the street and mentor that one kid, he might be the one who would change things for the better. Am sure when the Regent took mandela from his mother in Qunu to Mphekezueni, where Mandela was raised, He never knew this little boy would be the man to save South Africa. Don’t underestimate the power you have to make a change.

There is power in One willing mind. For Nigeria and Africa to move to the next level, we must bring back the concept of volunteering and mentoring. Am so impressed with what is happening at the Ajegunle Innovation Centre in Lagos. Let’s build Nigeria. You alone can make that difference. Happy independence Nigeria.


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A friend wrote this. I just had to share it. I believe it will inspire someone. A must read story…..

My name is Dayo. I’m a typical Nigerian guy and I cherish my Fridays a lot; I get to hang out with the sickest guys every Friday night and secondly, It’s another escape from my nagging and boring wife. I get confused sometimes on whether she’s my mother or my wife. Don’t get it twisted; I love her to pieces. It just gets complicated; like I wish we never got married…marriage has turned her into something that doesn’t amuse me. I wish she was still the adventurous, charming, high spirited lady I dated for five years.

A lot of people say its unethical for married guys to be found in a club, but I wish everyone won’t be too quick to judge and understand that people look for fun to run away from their problems; they just want to breathe, like me.

I forgot to say that I work in Guarantee Trust Bank along Lekki, I love my job and my job loves me, maybe its because I’m the senior banking officer. Lol. This particular morning, a lady breezed into my office. My heart raced faster because I had not sighted anything this beautiful in a long while. She wasn’t the typical slender Barbie, in fact, she was a bit chubby but her smile, cuteness and…I was tripped.

“Hi Good morning! Your ATM has swallowed my card!” She laughed, unlike a typical customer that would ram you.

I just tried to form Boss laughter…

“Good morning, You know what? I’d personally make sure they get it out for you, but not today. Can you wait till Monday?” I smiled

“GTB shaaa! OK, can I just drop my number so you could call me up or just text when its ready so I don’t come twice? Please? My name is Nancy” She blinked her eyes in a funny way.

“Sure” I smiled

We exchanged numbers. What a lucky Friday!

So it was 10:00pm and I headed to the club…as usual my friends were chilling for me. My wife had called a couple of times, I just ignored it. She knows I’m never home Friday nights.

“Look at you!” I heard someone say. I raised my head and it was the ATM lady-Nancy.

“Wow, look at you too!” I was surprised to see her but I was happy I didn’t have to wait till Monday to see her again.

“Happy Friday!” She screamed because of the noise, “Wanna dance?”

I didn’t even have the chance to answer, she already pulled me to dance floor. I really suck at dancing but she helped me; she was a great dancer! I had fun! At some point we decided to go to a private area and we talked, ranging from work, business to personal life. I tried to hide my ring as much as possible, I certainly didn’t want this to end now.

“You are a really wonderful lady. You are so interesting…any guy would want to be with you all day” I said.

“I wasn’t always like this but I have learned the hard way that life is just too short to be sad” she sang

Then her phone rang…

“Hey baby! Yeah I’m at the private lounge, I’d like you to meet someone…alright boo” she talked excitedly as usual.

I was in shock until this tall handsome man walks up to her and kisses her.

“You were late. Meet Dayo; I met him this morning, he’s helping with your ATM I told you got swallowed and Dayo this is my B to the O-O,” she laughed “Meet my husband Kolade, we only come here to dance every fortnight Friday; away from work, stress and kids.”

“Wow, a pleasure” I managed to shake him

Then she stood now excitedly holding her husband’s arms.

“Why don’t we invite Dayo for Mimi’s 16th birthday tomorrow?” Her husband said

They have kids too? How long have they been married and they look like a couple just dating!

“Silly me, please come for my second daughter’s 16th tomorrow. It would be an honor” She brought out an I.V from her purse.

I began to feel so ashamed of myself…this was another guy like me, getting it right with one woman.

I collected the I.V and promised to be there.

“See you tomorrow! Have you had something to eat Kolade?” she talked and dragged her husband along.

They left and I kept staring at the thin air like I had seen a ghost. They come just to dance together every fortnight Fridays? Why didn’t I think of that! Temi loves to dance…she also likes long walks, she loves to talk…she loves jazz music, there’s this vivid picture I have of me putting her hand on my chest when we danced at a jazz club on our first year anniversary…I found myself typing all the things I knew Temi loved to do on my Ipad and I realized I had denied her of all…I had made her the old woman she acts.

What the hell was I doing here! I didn’t even tell my friends goodbye, I walked out of the club into my Jaguar. Temi’s call came through and I picked at first ring.

“Temi?” My heart raced

“I know you are not coming home…” she said..

“I am, stay up so we can gist. Been a while” I replied. I decided to do everything on that list and to even add many more for the rest of my lifetime with her.

“Are you alright?” She was shocked I suppose

“And I’d like us to go for a birthday party tomorrow. I want you to meet this amazing couple”

“You sound different Dayo”

“Maybe I’m different”

“Don’t say it! don’t say it! when you come we will gist very well” she laughed

She laughed!!! In just that laughter that I hadn’t heard in a while, she sounded like the lady I married six years ago…

Dear reader,

I wrote this natural piece just to remind us that creating memorable moments with our partner matters. Do you know that little things are the sweetest things? Just creating time to gist and laugh with your partner, having a day in the week that’s exclusively for you both – No friends or kids allowed.

Lady, when last have you told your partner he is so damn hot? Guy! When last have you told your lady she is the sweetest thing? When last have you whispered ‘Thank you’? When last have you been quick to say ‘I’m sorry’?

Do you even have a clue on what your partner loves to do?

When you ignore little things, they are the little pieces of rocks that build up to become a mountain you can’t easily break down.

Pay attention to little things, believe that they work and experience new bliss!

Yours Truly,

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Tired of having the usual hangout at Silver bird,Ceddi plaza, drumsticks etc.. There is a new one in town for you all Abuja folks!

Check out their menu;
» Beef or chicken shawama
» Beef /chicken or bacon beef burger
» Bole n grilled pepper sauce (our favorite)
» Barbecue chicken and fish with chips not leaving out our fancy dressings)
» Fajitas and small chops,
» cocktails and chapman (mixed n named. after u)
» And Yeah, everyday Karaoke (come and sing and have the opportunity 2 shine)

They have got it all at “NUMBER FORTY” outdoor restaurant. Opening this saturday 8th of september by 4pm at 40 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Oneal Plaza, jabi district, beside RCC, Abuja.

There is gonna be a 30% discount on all items on the menu and of course Karaoke is free. Save the date. Clear your schedules and stomachs…

40 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Oneal Plaza, jabi district, beside RCC, Abuja..

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A 1000 naira note no matter how squeezed, dirty, smelly and ugly it is, is still 1000 naira in value. If you spit on it, throw it inside a toilet, use it to wipe a baby’s back side, it is still 1000 naira. It will be preferred to a new, minty, clean 500 naira note. This is because though the 1000 naira note is dirty, smelly, ugly and battered, it is more in value compared to the 500 naira note.

You might have been battered, scorned, abused, trampled upon, talked about and despised. May be even now you are in a bad situation; no money, no food, it seems like all hell is about to break loose…..Your value is still intact. You are still blessed, loaded and anointed. Your purpose is still intact. Don’t mistake the events and circumstances around you for your worth in life.

A 1000 naira note is still a 1000 naira note irrespective of how it looks and what it has been thru. Your value and worth is from God almighty not your job, situation or bank statement. I dare you to chest out, chin up, re-fire don’t retire, lock horns with those challenges and triumph over them.

Have a blissful day.

Your Personal Branding coach

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If you don’t know and understand the purpose of your life. You must know yourself first. Ask the lord and He will show you your area of gifting, your passion, your vision and your mission in life. Haven done this, it is easy to make the choice of a perfect mate. Both of you must be linked by purpose. Your vision, dreams and aspirations in life must be connected somehow. If you miss this first and most important step and only rely on your emotions and feelings, your marriage will be a disaster.

If you are not happy, fulfilled and successful as a single person, If you don’t love and appreciate who you are, don’t even think of getting married. You can’t expect someone else to make you happy, love, appreciate you and give you fulfillment when you can’t appreciate your own self. If you are looking for companionship, sex and children alone don’t even get married. Marriage is beyond all that.

If you re not ready to delay gratification when your are angry. To hold your tongue, lower your voice and sometimes wait till the appropriate time, day or even month before you can deal with an issue thoroughly…. don’t get married. Immaturity is the inability to delay gratification. Marriage is for the mature.

If you’re not ready to leave center stage and allow someone else to become your focus, your study, your muses… don’t get married. Selfish people make very bad spouses. In marriage you don’t lose yourself but your heart has to be big enough to gain someone else. Before you know it, with God’s blessings: the crying, diaper soiling, demanding little ones are coming! You must be willing to nurture them; give them your time, attention and care.

If you are not ready, to stand up and calmly deal with meddling in laws as a united front: The opinionated sister, the insensitive uncle, the domineering father, the manner less brother, the nosy aunt….. don’t get married. Boundaries do not exist automatically, they must be created. A good spouse is committed to respectfully stand up for and protect their marriage from meddling relatives. Don’t abandon your spouse to your relatives. It’s betrayal.

If you are not ready to pay bills…. don’t get married. Love does not pay bills. Kenya power will not give a waiver because your love is O so strong and your gazes at each other, O so romantic.

If you are not ready to let go of your opposite sex “best friends” and invest that into your spouse. To like, to laugh, to play, to be silly and to enjoy life with them, above anyone else… don’t get married. Affairs happen because people did not marry their best friends. Someone else holds their heart. Someone else gets them better. Someone else inspires them more. Marry your best friend and cultivate your friendship so that you remain best friends.

If you are not ready to stop competing with the Joneses…. don’t get married. Let the Joneses buy their yatch when you are still walking, and enjoy the walk. Your journeys are different. They may have to cross the oceans but you may be going through the road route. A boat might not do you any good on your journey. You must be ready to pace yourselves: stop competing, stop spending your future before you get there, stop the debt, stop trying to impress people. You must be able to be content. To enjoy your journey without deciding your happiness simply by measuring your progress against other people.

If you are not ready to be an open book. To tell the whole story of your past, deal with the memories, expose the failures and risk rejection…. don’t get married. It is fraud to have someone sign off their life to you without the full details. The past is a touchy and demanding friend. It always shows up in the marriage. It doesn’t enjoy being ignored and the more you snob, the bolder it becomes and the more tantrums it throws. It will mess up the “neat” and “all together lovely” image that you are struggling to maintain.

If you are not ready to let go of your philandering and wild oats farming…. don’t get married. Don’t take somebody’s son or daughter and subject them to your germs, your indiscretions and your chips fungaz. It never ends well. It’s romanticized in the movies, it’s being fronted as the only “realistic” way to stay married and keep the fire burning. But truth be told, the only thing that the fire will burn will be you, your spouse and your children. That family will burn for generations in bitterness, disease, fear, failure, hatred, broken hearts, broken dreams and conniving.

Finally, if you are not ready to let go of the adrenaline rush of a risqué life and settle down…. don’t get married. The great Christopher Columbus [whom we were told “discovered” America], have you ever wondered if the Native Indians who were in it, knew that a land like America existed. Columbus had a diary that was long sought for. People wanted to read about the wild journeys, the sea tempest, the reckless pirates they fought, the death and the danger they must have encountered. When it was found, there was great disappointment. Majority of the pages simply had 5 words: “This day, we sailed on.”.

Marriage, like life in general, has many “we sail on” days. You have to learn to find the thrill in the normal everydayness of it. If you depend on wild romance, all night sex [ha!], romantic cruises, wild parties, compulsive moves across continents, tempestuous fights and make up sessions to be happy, you may be disappointed. You have to learn to thrill in gentle smiles, loving hugs, knowing looks, cozy moments, shared chores, cute babies, everyday work, dreaming together, praying together and simply living together. If these things are not thrilling, exciting and satisfying, you will look for a way out. The “boom twaff” moments are still there, but they are normally punctuations to the usualness of living. They cannot be your reason for getting married. They are unsustainable on an everyday basis. The one you choose must be thrilling to you even in the most mundane of moments.

I pray this helps someone. Remember singles, YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF CHOICE. Never let anyone pressure you into marriage. You are either ready or you’re not: You decide!. But please don’t marry somebody and then punish them to live with your childish ways for the rest of their lives. A childish baby is cute but a childish adult is extremely frustrating.

Marriage is for the mature and in many ways, even the married, are still being confronted with the demand to grow up day by day. If you are not ready for that demand, don’t get married!!!!

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Yesterday, Thursday, google announced that 2 Nigerian universities; University of Lagos and University of Ibadan have emerged finalists in the 2012 edition of its annual Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC).

According to Obum Ekeke, Google’s Regional Program Manager for University Programs & Outreach in SSA, the 2 universities were part of the 11,000 students from 86 countries/territories such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, South Africa. “The competition this year was very stiff, and being one of the teams to make it to the semifinals and finals is no little feat”. The students and their lecturers put in their best and have been rewarded by this announcement”.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a global competition that was established to help prepare students studying courses such as advertising, e-commerce, integrated marketing communication, management information systems, marketing or new media technologies in the area of online marketing. It gives the students an opportunity to compete on an
international stage.

“We are very delighted that Nigerian Universities are rated amongst some of the best in this competition and congratulate the schools, the lecturers and the students. We will continue to support Nigerian universities as they prepare the students to take on the future” said Juliet Ehimuan Google Nigeria Country Manager.

The students and lecturers whose teams made it to the Finalist and Semi-Finalist categories are:  Finalists teams from Africa: University of Ibadan, Nigeria Team: Akomolafe Oladeji (Lecturer), Oladipo Oluwaseyi, Olukayode Didunoluwa Olamide, Oyeside Olalekan, Alagbe Olarenwaju, and Aiyelari Temilolorun

University of Lagos, Nigeria Team: Adeyanju Olusiji Ayoade (Lecturer), Longe Olubusayo Anuoluwapo,Obanor Chukwuwezam, Babalola Hisa, Abdussalam Mariam Oluwakemi, and Fadeyi  Ayoola Idris.

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I don’t really see why The Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) should be held in the US. What do you think?

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This poem might not be amongst great literary works
This poem may gain no recognition
This poem is reality
This poem is about freedom, liberation, peace
This poem is about corruption
This poem is about injustice, irresponsibility of governments and citizens
This Poem is a rebel, an outcast, a fighter, a defender
You don’t want to read this poem
This poem is annoying, irritating
This poem is bigger than you or me
This poem has no author
This poem is posterity, eternity, the future
This poem is against Boko Haram, Al queda
suicide bombings,terrorism

This poem provokes, dares, awakens
This poem is an enigma
This poem will talk about racism, apartheid, anarchy
This poem is against modern day slavery
This poem is about Africa, the world, the UN
This poem will talk about Fela Kuti, Majek, Fasheck, Bob Mali, Lucky Dube, Brenda Fassie, Angelique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba, Yossou Ndoh
This poem will call names like Ghandi, Boro, Zik, Gowon, Ikoli, Ojukwu, Malcom, Garvey, Biko, Mandela, Nkuruma, Kaunda, JFK, MLK
This poem is getting too long, making no sense

This poem lacks poetic dexterity
This poem is boring, uncordinated
This poem might disgust some people
This poem will talk about Iraq, syria, Liberia, Angola, jerusalem, palestine, cambodia, haiti
This poem will talk about Tibet and the Da li Lama
This poem is against poverty, Hunger, HIV
This poem weeps for Nigeria, cries for Africa, despises UN politics
This poem has no regard for any class of people
This poem despises illiteracy, hates Ignorance

This poem will talk about global warming, desert encroachment, oil spillage, infant mortality, poor health care, Earthquakes, hurricanes, Tsunamis
This poem will talk about Nuclear weapons, insecurity of nations
This poem will talk about The Niger Deltans of Nigeria, the blood diamonds of seiraleone
This poem is about clean water, electricity, good schools
This poem is about the safety of our neighborhood, our environment
This poem is about our fears, our cares
This poem is about our future, our children, our destiny
This poem is about our identity, our legacy, our pride
This poem is about our rights as citizens, our policies, our actions

This poem will preach love brotherhood, honesty, hope, faith, patriotism
This poem is about courage
This poem is a force
This poem is about unity, oneness
This poem is about dialogue
This poem despises war
This poem hopes to inspire, to motivate
This poem concerns you some how
This poem can’t be stopped
This poem is telling you, you can do something
This poem will not end
Even if you stop reading this poem
This poem shall continue in your mind….


The Provost, Ben Carson School of Medicine, Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State, Prof. Iheanyi Okoro, has said the institution’s zeal for medical excellence is the reason why BU named its medical school after renowned physician, Ben Carson.

He also called on the warring medical doctors and the Lagos State Government to go back to the dialogue table to resolve their differences rather than embarking on ego trip that has left many sick people dead.

Okoro stated these in a statement signed by the Chairman, Ceremonial Committee of BU, Prof. Dayo Alao, after he announced the activities lined up for the inauguration of the institution’s medical school scheduled June 1.

“Babcock University is about to change the face of medical practice in Nigeria amid growing concerns of poor medicare in the country. As we roll out plans for the inauguration of our Benjamin Carson School of Medicine on June 1, 2012, optimism is high that soon Nigerians will not have to travel abroad to receive excellent healthcare.

“The inauguration will mark the climax of the institution’s zeal for world-class health care in the country and indeed, the continent,” he stated.

He further stated that the university’s passion for excellence in medical education accounts for naming the school of medicine after the renowned American paediatric neurosurgeon, Carson, who has also been invited as the guest speaker at the inauguration of the medical school.

“The Ben Carson Medical School is designed to honour him as a role model to the students of the school. He is a doctor with competence and because we want to produce medical doctors with his kind of expertise, we believe that inviting him and naming the school after him will impart our students positively. A doctor without competence, they say, is a murderer and we don’t want to breed murderers here,” he said.

Commenting on the ongoing feud between medical doctors and the Lagos State government, Okoro advised both parties to embrace dialogue, saying that dialogue is the best crisis resolution tool.

“Strike is not in the best interest of anybody as it leads to suffering and death of patients,” he added.

He said that the inauguration of the medical school would attract leaders, captains of industries, international researchers and professionals within and outside the country.

The institution’s President/Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kayode Makinde, said that the MBBS/PhD programme became necessary because of the need to revamp the depleting state of medical research in the country.

“We are set to make our medical programme the benchmark for excellence in the country,” he said.

He added that the institution’s 12th convocation would hold on June 3.

Meanwhile, one of the pioneer medical students of the university, Dora Adebuyi, expressed optimism about the quality of the programme in Babcock.

“I chose Babcock after a careful look at the other institutions offering medicine across the country. I believe the choice I made is the right one.”

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The London Olympics ended in the most glamorous fashion with some athletes successful and others unfortunate not to have picked a medal.

Nigerian athletes participated in 13 games and came back with no medals. Many questions are already hitting headlines, but the big question is “what have we learned from this Olympic Games?”

Firstly, Nigeria should groom athletes who have not hit their pinnacle but are young and have great potential to grow. Here, we have to invest more on scouting for young, talented athletes who are well motivated. Athletes like Segun Toriola and Funke Oshonaike have done their best but they need to give room for new promising athletes to come through.

Secondly, our athletes should be giving early exposure to global tournaments; this will pull out their competitive spirits when they come across the best in the games.

Furthermore, the enormous funds lavished on tones of government officials attending the games should be channeled to athlete preparation which should start immediately after the last Olympic Games.

Finally, depending on one athlete for a medal is a failed venture. The Pressure on Blessing Okagbare to win the 100m gold medal was surprising as her personal best of 10.92 was achieved during the games. Although there are surprises in sports but track and field is measurable, Blessing had never run 10.8 seconds in 100m and from the different times the other big wig athletes were running, it seemed that was the time needed to get the gold medal. Blessing was running 11 seconds and below that time a week to the Olympics. She unfortunately couldn’t top her best time in the finals running her regular accomplishment of 11+ seconds.

The 2016 Olympics, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, should be looked at as to be held in 2013 so that preparations will hit top gear even before the actual year of the Olympics.

Written by Obi Martins Okafor

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Those who live or have lived in countries where Walmart exists, understand the excitement of the business opening its doors in Nigeria. Walmart recently bought the company that runs “Game” which is located in several parts of the continent including Nigeria. Where there used to be a supermarket called “Game” there will now be a Walmart.

The superpower supermarket is going to bring its super low prices to compete with even the ordinary man selling products ranging from electronics to computers and many more.

Walmart is one business that knows how to shut down its competitors just by pricing alone. This will be a big move in Nigeria and we are waiting to see how it fares in a country where everything possible is welcomed.

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Its happening live today at The Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) Abuja, Nigeria. By 6PM at ThisDay Dome, Central Business District. Don’t miss it. You can also watch and listen live @ if you are not in town.

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Your tie is one of the most distinct accessory on your outfit. It is a center of attraction as people often notice your ties even before they notice your shirt or how nicely your suit fits. So it is very important to wear good ties and most importantly to take good care of your ties. Here are seven ways to buy a good tie and also take care of it. Come on brothers!

Buy a tie that fits. If you are not big in size, you will look funny wearing a big tie. It will be more appropriate to wear a slim tie or the not too slim, not too fat ( “in-between”) ones. If you are big in size, any tie would go for you, the slim, the “in-between”or the big ones.


I prefer to buy micro fibre ties. I prefer them because they are more durable and they are not too light in weight. You can purchase any kind but just make sure it is good. A quality tie can cover up for a cheap shirt. It is assumed that if you can afford a good tie you can as well afford a good shirt and suit…lol..


Your tie must blend with your shirt and/or suit. The colors and textures must harmonize. Avoid wearing checked or patterned ties with checked or patterned shirts, especially if they are of different colors. It is preferable to wear patterned ties with plain shirts.


The collar of the shirt determines how big or small the knot will be. If your collar is small, your tie knot should be small so it can seat properly on your neck. If the collar is big, you can afford to have big knots. Generally big knots put me off.


Some people leave their ties knotted even after  use. The hang it knotted. Doing that destroys your ties. Dirt accumulate on the knotted area quickly. Always un-knot your ties when not in use.


Wash your ties when they are dirty. Some people don’t wash their ties at all. It becomes dirty, smelly and looks old.


Always iron your ties with a white handkerchief or any other light material. Avoid using the iron directly on the tie. It will make the material of the tie dull.

Now you know how to take care of your ties. Enjoy the experience…

Your Personal branding coach

And Africa once had a President that awakened the consciousness of patriotism, nation building, love, service, integrity and brotherhood. His name is John Atta Mills; Globally acclaimed as the man of peace. He reminds me of the late Kwame Nkurumah, kenneth Kaunda and Nelson Mandela. Just like these men, He laid down his life, desires and personal gratification for the good of his beloved nation;Ghana.

Ghana can never forget u sir. Infrastructural developments, an improved economy and educational system were some of the legacies you left behind. Beyond that, what Ghanians talk about the most is the fact that you cemented and created unity amongst the divided political class in the nation. You were a man of peace. Under your presidency, Ghana became one of the third most advanced and stable economies in Africa.

You were a man of God, a christian who lived uprightly. You came, you saw and you conquered. You are a true story of success. You touched and affected millions of lives both in Ghana and beyond. You have set a standard for other African leaders. You were an epitome of humility, simplicity and integrity.

I watched as hundreds of thousands of Ghanians flooded the streets of Accra to pay their last respect to this colossus and icon of peace. It was like a carnival. The streets were draped in black and red. Only a man who had affected lives can be celebrated like this.

To your son Koffi sam Atta Mills, your father has left a very big shoe for you to wear. I don’t think it will be difficult to wear it if only you live by his examples. You can do even more.

Goodnight President Atta Mills. Thank you for the life you lived. Rest in perfect peace.

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I think these ladies are worth emulating. When ladies their age are clamoring for marriage and clothes in vogue, these ladies are busy inspiring Africa. Ladies, be inspired by them. Africa celebrates you.

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Do you know that about 10 million thoughts flow to your brain every second? If your brain allows all these thoughts in at once, it will jam. Just like your PC hangs when it has too many information flowing into it and it can’t process all at once. There is something in your brain called the RAS (Recticular Activatory System).

The RAS is responsible for filtering the thoughts and information that gains access to your brain. So it is only these allowed thoughts your brain processes. Guess what, it has been proven by Neurosurgeons and psychologists that the RAS works with your believe system. Only thoughts and information that re related to your believes and perceptions are allowed instant access to your brain.

So by having the right perception and ideology about life, you are automatically feeding your brain with right information even in your subconscious. “What you believe you have” is not just a saying, it is even proven scientifically. By having the right thoughts, you feed your brain with the right material to help you in creating that life you so desire. The key is having the right perception.

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With the knowledge that women are the bedrock of the African society, Forbes profiled Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women in its August 2012 issue of the magazine which was dedicated to celebrating African women.

In the issue, an entire section was dedicated to the women in Africa who are breaking the mold to make a name for themselves in the business world.

The issue featured profiles on two young Nigerian women, Linda Ikeji and Chibundu Onuzo. Linda Ikeji is a popular blogger and founder of Linda Ikeji’s blog while 21 year-old Nigerian writer, Chibundu Onuzo , is the acclaimed author of ‘The Spider King’s Daughter’.

Linda Ikeji’s profile was titled ‘Beauty, Brains And The Business Of Blogging’.

Kenyan activist, lawyer and blogger – Ory Okolloh was also featured in the magazine along with Wendy Appelbaum who has a claim to being Africa’s richest woman.


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Henry David Thoreau said “You must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might.” Its not just enough to be on course, you must give it all ur might and accelerate towards your target at the pace with which u were ordained to run. If you aim at a dart board and you throw your darts without force, it won’t get to d board.

A lot of us seem to know what we want and where our life is heading but we lack the morale and the zest to achieve our dreams while some others are exerting enormous force and mental power on the wrong course. We must know where our life is heading and give our dreams all our attention and might.

Go all out for your dreams, deal with the disappointments, collide with the challenges, lock horns with your fears and actualize that which God has ordained for you to achieve. Remember, you will definitely experience some failures; its a necessary ingredient for improvement and doing things better. So fail; its cool. All our victories are on the other side of fear. So get passed your fears and embrace the true you. Have a fun and impact-filled day.

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Sometime in September last year, I was shopping in Bangalore, India at the Famous Forum mall. I came across a fine piece of jewellery; a titanium neck chain at a TS FJORD store. I couldn’t take my eyes of it so I bought it. Dont ask me for the price.I wont tell. Lol.

Yeah so after buying the chain I had to fix a pendant. I wanted a cross pendant so I got one. The jeweller tried to pass the chain through the pendant and it couldn’t go through. The chain was too big. And I really wanted that particular pendant. The jeweller said the only option was to disintegrate the chain, pass the pendant through and then couple it. I had no option so I consented. I sat down there with my friend watching this guy dismantle my fine chain. The chain was fine and cool on its own but just because I wanted it to look finer on me, it had to be disintegrated.

As I watched this jeweller dismantle my chain, I started thinking. Just like my titanium chain was being traumatised for doing nothing wrong, sometimes a storm rises in your life or things begin to happen to you that seem to disrupt the balance, peace and quiet and you begin to wonder why. Especially when you know you have done nothing to warrant such. When storms hit you in life, its not necessarily for a sin you have committed. You might just be going through that season for a greater cause. God begins to push you and throw you into different situations and cause you to go through diverse challenges so that you can exercise your faith and be prepared for that higher place He is taking you. For the task ahead, you need to be ready and challenges are the only things that shape a master.

Just so you could be finer, stronger and more powerful, you are going through the storm now just like my chain was been chopped off bit by bit so it could look finer. A gardener prunes his perfectly beautiful flowers. He literally cuts them off coz he knows the only way to keep them looking fresh and fine is to give them room to grow. Sometimes God cuts things within us that are seemingly good just so they can be better. He owns us and He knows what’s best for us. He sees the future and knows how to prepare us for it.

The same way i had bought my chain and had decided what to do with it, we have been bought with a price by God and He decides what happens in our lives. One thing is certain, God will never create a mess. When His work is done, it is always “magna cum laude”. When my jeweller was done, my chain was looking amazing with the pendant on it. It had been coupled, cleaned and  polished.

Always remember that your storm precedes a season of bliss and calm. Go through life with vigour, optimism and persistence. Embrace your storm, stay in the ring and keep throwing those punches. You will definitely win.