Posted: August 10, 2012 in NOTES
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Do you know that about 10 million thoughts flow to your brain every second? If your brain allows all these thoughts in at once, it will jam. Just like your PC hangs when it has too many information flowing into it and it can’t process all at once. There is something in your brain called the RAS (Recticular Activatory System).

The RAS is responsible for filtering the thoughts and information that gains access to your brain. So it is only these allowed thoughts your brain processes. Guess what, it has been proven by Neurosurgeons and psychologists that the RAS works with your believe system. Only thoughts and information that re related to your believes and perceptions are allowed instant access to your brain.

So by having the right perception and ideology about life, you are automatically feeding your brain with right information even in your subconscious. “What you believe you have” is not just a saying, it is even proven scientifically. By having the right thoughts, you feed your brain with the right material to help you in creating that life you so desire. The key is having the right perception.

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