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And Africa once had a President that awakened the consciousness of patriotism, nation building, love, service, integrity and brotherhood. His name is John Atta Mills; Globally acclaimed as the man of peace. He reminds me of the late Kwame Nkurumah, kenneth Kaunda and Nelson Mandela. Just like these men, He laid down his life, desires and personal gratification for the good of his beloved nation;Ghana.

Ghana can never forget u sir. Infrastructural developments, an improved economy and educational system were some of the legacies you left behind. Beyond that, what Ghanians talk about the most is the fact that you cemented and created unity amongst the divided political class in the nation. You were a man of peace. Under your presidency, Ghana became one of the third most advanced and stable economies in Africa.

You were a man of God, a christian who lived uprightly. You came, you saw and you conquered. You are a true story of success. You touched and affected millions of lives both in Ghana and beyond. You have set a standard for other African leaders. You were an epitome of humility, simplicity and integrity.

I watched as hundreds of thousands of Ghanians flooded the streets of Accra to pay their last respect to this colossus and icon of peace. It was like a carnival. The streets were draped in black and red. Only a man who had affected lives can be celebrated like this.

To your son Koffi sam Atta Mills, your father has left a very big shoe for you to wear. I don’t think it will be difficult to wear it if only you live by his examples. You can do even more.

Goodnight President Atta Mills. Thank you for the life you lived. Rest in perfect peace.

  1. nora karen says:

    Poetically constructed,yet nice

  2. Joy A-A says:

    This is an amazing and inspiring piece. I love this.

  3. Thery says:

    Very precise and intresting! Kudos

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