This poem might not be amongst great literary works
This poem may gain no recognition
This poem is reality
This poem is about freedom, liberation, peace
This poem is about corruption
This poem is about injustice, irresponsibility of governments and citizens
This Poem is a rebel, an outcast, a fighter, a defender
You don’t want to read this poem
This poem is annoying, irritating
This poem is bigger than you or me
This poem has no author
This poem is posterity, eternity, the future
This poem is against Boko Haram, Al queda
suicide bombings,terrorism

This poem provokes, dares, awakens
This poem is an enigma
This poem will talk about racism, apartheid, anarchy
This poem is against modern day slavery
This poem is about Africa, the world, the UN
This poem will talk about Fela Kuti, Majek, Fasheck, Bob Mali, Lucky Dube, Brenda Fassie, Angelique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba, Yossou Ndoh
This poem will call names like Ghandi, Boro, Zik, Gowon, Ikoli, Ojukwu, Malcom, Garvey, Biko, Mandela, Nkuruma, Kaunda, JFK, MLK
This poem is getting too long, making no sense

This poem lacks poetic dexterity
This poem is boring, uncordinated
This poem might disgust some people
This poem will talk about Iraq, syria, Liberia, Angola, jerusalem, palestine, cambodia, haiti
This poem will talk about Tibet and the Da li Lama
This poem is against poverty, Hunger, HIV
This poem weeps for Nigeria, cries for Africa, despises UN politics
This poem has no regard for any class of people
This poem despises illiteracy, hates Ignorance

This poem will talk about global warming, desert encroachment, oil spillage, infant mortality, poor health care, Earthquakes, hurricanes, Tsunamis
This poem will talk about Nuclear weapons, insecurity of nations
This poem will talk about The Niger Deltans of Nigeria, the blood diamonds of seiraleone
This poem is about clean water, electricity, good schools
This poem is about the safety of our neighborhood, our environment
This poem is about our fears, our cares
This poem is about our future, our children, our destiny
This poem is about our identity, our legacy, our pride
This poem is about our rights as citizens, our policies, our actions

This poem will preach love brotherhood, honesty, hope, faith, patriotism
This poem is about courage
This poem is a force
This poem is about unity, oneness
This poem is about dialogue
This poem despises war
This poem hopes to inspire, to motivate
This poem concerns you some how
This poem can’t be stopped
This poem is telling you, you can do something
This poem will not end
Even if you stop reading this poem
This poem shall continue in your mind….


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