The 1000 naira note Versus The 500 naira note.

Posted: September 5, 2012 in INSPIRATION FOR THE DAY
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A 1000 naira note no matter how squeezed, dirty, smelly and ugly it is, is still 1000 naira in value. If you spit on it, throw it inside a toilet, use it to wipe a baby’s back side, it is still 1000 naira. It will be preferred to a new, minty, clean 500 naira note. This is because though the 1000 naira note is dirty, smelly, ugly and battered, it is more in value compared to the 500 naira note.

You might have been battered, scorned, abused, trampled upon, talked about and despised. May be even now you are in a bad situation; no money, no food, it seems like all hell is about to break loose…..Your value is still intact. You are still blessed, loaded and anointed. Your purpose is still intact. Don’t mistake the events and circumstances around you for your worth in life.

A 1000 naira note is still a 1000 naira note irrespective of how it looks and what it has been thru. Your value and worth is from God almighty not your job, situation or bank statement. I dare you to chest out, chin up, re-fire don’t retire, lock horns with those challenges and triumph over them.

Have a blissful day.

Your Personal Branding coach


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