Disturbing The Balance; a tale of my Titanium chain.

Posted: February 14, 2014 in INSPIRATION FOR THE DAY


Sometime in September last year, I was shopping in Bangalore, India at the Famous Forum mall. I came across a fine piece of jewellery; a titanium neck chain at a TS FJORD store. I couldn’t take my eyes of it so I bought it. Dont ask me for the price.I wont tell. Lol.

Yeah so after buying the chain I had to fix a pendant. I wanted a cross pendant so I got one. The jeweller tried to pass the chain through the pendant and it couldn’t go through. The chain was too big. And I really wanted that particular pendant. The jeweller said the only option was to disintegrate the chain, pass the pendant through and then couple it. I had no option so I consented. I sat down there with my friend watching this guy dismantle my fine chain. The chain was fine and cool on its own but just because I wanted it to look finer on me, it had to be disintegrated.

As I watched this jeweller dismantle my chain, I started thinking. Just like my titanium chain was being traumatised for doing nothing wrong, sometimes a storm rises in your life or things begin to happen to you that seem to disrupt the balance, peace and quiet and you begin to wonder why. Especially when you know you have done nothing to warrant such. When storms hit you in life, its not necessarily for a sin you have committed. You might just be going through that season for a greater cause. God begins to push you and throw you into different situations and cause you to go through diverse challenges so that you can exercise your faith and be prepared for that higher place He is taking you. For the task ahead, you need to be ready and challenges are the only things that shape a master.

Just so you could be finer, stronger and more powerful, you are going through the storm now just like my chain was been chopped off bit by bit so it could look finer. A gardener prunes his perfectly beautiful flowers. He literally cuts them off coz he knows the only way to keep them looking fresh and fine is to give them room to grow. Sometimes God cuts things within us that are seemingly good just so they can be better. He owns us and He knows what’s best for us. He sees the future and knows how to prepare us for it.

The same way i had bought my chain and had decided what to do with it, we have been bought with a price by God and He decides what happens in our lives. One thing is certain, God will never create a mess. When His work is done, it is always “magna cum laude”. When my jeweller was done, my chain was looking amazing with the pendant on it. It had been coupled, cleaned and  polished.

Always remember that your storm precedes a season of bliss and calm. Go through life with vigour, optimism and persistence. Embrace your storm, stay in the ring and keep throwing those punches. You will definitely win.



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